Best Bodybuilding Supplements To Boost Muscle Growth and Strength

If you’ve been hitting the gym for a while now, you must have surely heard your workout buddies talk about how supplements can help you in getting the most from your intensive workout sessions along with an on-point diet.

However, with the market exploded with a wide range of supplements, it can be quite confusing to pick the one that’s actually right for you. Fortunately, we’ll be breaking down different types of supplements available on the market to help you find the right one.

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Here are the best bodybuilding supplements worth considering:

Protein Supplements (Whey)

In order for you to gain muscle, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting enough protein. When it comes to improving body composition and muscle building, whey is one such variety that outperforms any other form of protein powder out there.

Research shows that people who exercise experience slightly more muscle growth by adding protein in their diet via supplements instead of extra carbs. Blends of casein and whey are known to improve muscle hypertrophy and significantly promote body composition as compared to soy proteins when consumed after resistance training.

Creatine Monohydrate

This power-enhancing, muscle-building supplement with its high safety profile, is known for being highly beneficial. Our body produces a molecule called creatine, which helps in providing energy for our muscles and tissues.

By adding creatine supplements in your diet, your muscle creatine content will increase by over 40 percent, which is more than its normal levels. As such, it affects your exercise performance and muscle cells, thereby promoting muscle growth. In fact, various studies reveal that creatine enhances muscle strength.

Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)

If you’re a bodybuilder or a strength athlete, we can’t stress enough on how beneficial it would be to consume this supplement during your training. Aside from being delicious, consuming BCAA between your sets can help in speeding up the repair and recovery processes after an intense workout session.

Also, BCAA helps in regulating protein metabolism by suppressing protein degradation and boosting protein synthesis, thereby promoting muscle recovery during resistance training.


Caffeine is a popular stimulant and has been studied extensively for its ability to promote performance for high-intensity exercises and endurance training. It’s quite beneficial for aerobic training, however, since bodybuilding isn’t aerobic, its effects are a bit muddier.

Although there is some research on caffeine consumption before a resistance training that suggests an increase in one-rep max for bench press, there are other studies that show no strength benefit from consuming caffeine.

Nevertheless, caffeine consumption has been known to reduce fatigue and promote the perception of effort, all of which are quite beneficial during high-volume, high-intensity workouts.


It’s an amino acid and plays a major role in our body and serves as a building block for proteins. According to various studies, glutamine consumption has shown to promote exercise performance, thereby increasing muscle strength and mass.

Final Say

Just taking supplements won’t help you gain muscle or strength. Your exercise programs and nutrition is just as important. To build muscles, you must consume enough calories and protein and workout, ideally with weights. Only when your exercise regimens and nutrition are in check, consider adding dietary supplements to your diet.



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